Back & Better Than Ever

Back & Better Than Ever

In 2017, when I started Have Fun Or Else, my goal was so simple. I just wanted to make a cool clothing brand that I wish already existed. At that particular point in time, I had no idea what I was doing, and more importantly I knew very little about launching a company.

I had no master plan, no relevant experience, no money and absolutely no clue. All I had was a dream - and knew that I could do it. I just had to go all in. So on January 13th, 2017 I did it. I took the jump and put Have Fun Or Else out there with our first collection: the "All or Nothing" collection.

I’ll never forget the feeling of making our first sale. It was exhilarating. Knowing that complete strangers from somewhere around the world liked my art and designs enough to want to wear them on their back. What an incredible feeling.

It wasn't all good though. I quickly realized I still had no clue what I was doing and had no idea how to grow a brand. This was made obvious by the fact that none of my designs had our brand name on them. People were buying our shirts because they liked the designs, however, there was no way for others who'd see our shirts in photos and on the streets to know that they were Have Fun Or Else shirts.

So I took a step back and dove head first into learning everything I could about branding and running a company. It was really fun and I find myself still learning new lessons with every passing day. I love it. It's a fun dream.

In October 2017, I was blessed with new and exciting opportunities and my time and focus were too little to keep up with social media. I ended up going radio silent on all of my accounts. The website was still up and active, I just wasn't active on social media. But I'm back! I've got a job that I love and enough spare time to dedicate to the brand to ensure the high standard I hold myself to never suffers. I'm really excited about the road ahead.

When I first launched back in 2017, I never really told any of my friends about it. I've always been a sort of private person. Thinking back on it now, this is more of a defence mechanism against failure. You can never fail if no one knows about it right? But that's not a great way to live your life. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone with feedback from your friends. This is where you'll grow and learn from your failures and successes.

So now 2 years later, I'm back and I'm telling everyone I know this time around. Quit sweating the little things and just 

Have Fun Or Else