Our Story

Have Fun Or Else started as an idea. If you could wash away all your responsibilities, throw away your limitations and do anything you wanted to do. What would you do? What would bring you the most joy day in and day out? For most people, the answer is pretty simple. We just want to have fun. In fact, the best days are the days where we have as much fun as possible. That's what we get excited about. That's what we look forward to. That's what it's really all about. So go out there and have fun, or else you might wake up someday and realize you were too busy worrying about all the little things in life to remember to enjoy most of it.

So that covers the why, but what what about the who and the what? Well, that's simple. We're a father and son from Montreal who have a talent for painting and design. Being creative with our brand is our idea of fun, so that's what we do. We're dedicated to creating unique, quality and timeless goods that remind everyone to live life to the fullest. We sell the most colorful original abstract art you've ever seen and fun t-shirts with mottos to live by.

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